Rimrock opera company in America will perform Joseph Parry’s Blodwen (the first Welsh opera) – in Welsh! – in the Spring of 2019. Details to follow.


Joseph Parry

Pencerdd America


Dr. Joseph Parry (1841-1903), Welsh-American musician


2017: Danville, Pennsylvania Heritage Festival

< Danville Press Enterprise, May 20, 2005

BELOW: Western Mail (one of the major newspapers of Wales) article, July 23, 2002

Local paper advertisement for Joseph Parry's Danville "Musical Institute" (1872-74)


1872 local paper advertisements for Joseph Parry's brother-in-law (Gomer Thomas)'s 'National Music Store' on Mill Street

During the 1870s, Gomer Thomas's 'National Music Store' was located across Mill Street, opposite the Post Office - two images shown. The large building on the left (middle photo), across East Mahoning Street, is the old Danville Opera House - later demolished and replaced with Danville's current Post Office. (Photos courtesy of Montour County Historical Society, Danville, PA)

Y Drych (Welsh Language American Newspaper) June 6, 1978; review of the first performance of Parry's opera, Blodwen (the first Welsh opera). For a similar review in English see Blodwen: The First Welsh Opera

image of Y Drych Review of Blodwen